1: 1. Coffee filters: Use as a makeshift snack bowl liner. 2. Toothpaste: Removes scuffs from shoes and jewelry. 3. Aluminum foil: Perfect for sharpening scissors.

2: 4. Vinegar: Clean showerhead and remove water stains. 5. Dryer sheets: Repel bugs and freshen drawers.

3: 6. Rubber bands: Keep paint can lids clean. 7. White bread: Remove dirt from walls. 8. Cooking spray: Untangle jewelry chains and zippers.

4: 9. Rice: Absorb moisture in electronics. 10. Olive oil: Shine stainless steel appliances and remove stickers.

5: 11. Epsom salt: Exfoliate skin and clean grout. 12. Lemons: Deodorize garbage disposals and sanitize cutting boards.

6: 13. Baking soda: Freshen carpet and unclog drains. 14. Hydrogen peroxide: Whiten nails and clean grout.

7: 15. Coconut oil: Remove gum and polish furniture. 16. Cornstarch: De-grease dishes and polish silverware.

8: 17. Hydrogen peroxide: Whiten teeth and clean grout. 18. Vodka: Remove stains and deodorize fabrics.

9: 19. Olive oil: Shave with a replaceable razor. 20. Vinegar: Clean coffee makers and unclog drains.

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