1: 1. Eren Yeager 2. Levi Ackerman 3. Mikasa Ackerman 4. Armin Arlert

2: 5. Annie Leonhart 6. Reiner Braun 7. Zeke Yeager 8. Historia Reiss

3: 9. Erwin Smith 10. Sasha Blouse

4: These legendary characters have left a lasting impact on the anime world with their unique personalities and incredible skills.

5: From Eren's determination to Levi's unmatched combat skills, each character brings something special to the table.

6: Whether you love intense action or deep character development, these Titans have something for every anime fan to enjoy.

7: Join us as we rank the top 10 legendary characters of all time and celebrate the incredible world of anime.

8: Who is your favorite character from Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts and let us know who you think deserves the top spot!

9: Stay tuned for more rankings, reviews, and updates on all things anime as we continue to explore the world of Titans and beyond.

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