1: "Captain America: The New Era - Follow Steve Rogers' successor as he battles new threats in a post-Avengers world."

2: "Thor: God Reborn - Witness the return of Thor as he faces off against old enemies with a new power."

3: "Black Panther: Legacy of Wakanda - Explore the future of Wakanda under a new Black Panther's reign."

4: "Doctor Strange: Multiverse Madness - Join Doctor Strange as he navigates the chaotic multiverse in search of order."

5: "Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Convergence - Embark on a new adventure with the Guardians as they protect the galaxy."

6: "Fantastic Four: Family Reunited - Watch as the original superhero family returns to take on cosmic threats."

7: "She-Hulk: Legal Avenger - Discover Jennifer Walters' dual life as a lawyer and superhero in the mean streets of NY."

8: "Blade: Blood Hunt - Follow Blade as he hunts down vampires in a dark and gritty world."

9: "Ironheart: Tech Revolution - Meet Riri Williams as she takes on new threats with her tech-savvy armor."

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