1: "Marvel's Next Big Thing: Spider-Man: The Legacy Continues! Catch the legendary web-slinger's latest adventures in 2025."

2: "Marvel's Next Big Thing: Avengers Reborn! Earth's mightiest heroes assemble once again in an all-new series coming in 2025."

3: "Marvel's Next Big Thing: X-Men: Dawn of Mutants! Explore the next chapter in the mutant saga in 2025."

4: "Marvel's Next Big Thing: Fantastic Four Return! The first family of superheroes makes a triumphant comeback in 2025."

5: "Marvel's Next Big Thing: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever! Join T'Challa's successor in the thrilling new series premiering in 2025."

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7: "Experience the excitement of the Marvel Universe like never before with these upcoming series."

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