1: Marvel's Next Era is here! Get a sneak peek into the 5 most anticipated shows of 2025.

2: 1. The Avengers: Assemble Reunion – catch up with Earth's mightiest heroes in this epic reunion series.

3: 2. Spider-Man: New Beginnings – follow Peter Parker as he faces new challenges and enemies in this thrilling new series.

4: 3. Black Panther: Legacy of Wakanda – explore the rich history and culture of Wakanda in this groundbreaking new show.

5: 4. Captain Marvel: Cosmic Quest – join Carol Danvers as she embarks on a journey across the galaxy in this action-packed series.

6: 5. Guardians of the Galaxy: Intergalactic Adventures – join Star-Lord and the gang as they take on new threats and explore new planets.

7: Don't miss these exciting new shows coming in 2025. Stay tuned for more updates on Marvel's Next Era.

8: Experience the next chapter in the Marvel universe with these highly anticipated shows. Excelsior!

9: Get ready for the future of superhero storytelling with Marvel's Next Era. Watch out for these shows in 2025!

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