1: Marvel's Next Phase Get ready for the 5 most anticipated shows in 2025 from the Marvel Universe.

2: Moon Knight Expect thrilling action and mystery as Moon Knight makes his debut in the next phase.

3: Secret Wars The epic crossover event is coming to the screen, bringing all your favorite characters together.

4: Ms. Marvel Meet Kamala Khan in her own series, where she discovers her superhero powers.

5: Blade The vampire hunter returns in a new series full of dark and supernatural challenges.

6: Young Avengers A new generation of heroes assembles to protect the world in this exciting series.

7: Thunderbolts Get ready for an antihero team-up like never before in this thrilling new show.

8: The Marvels Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau join forces in this powerful team-up.

9: Armor Wars Tony Stark's worst nightmare comes true in this high-stakes series about the dangers of technology.

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