1: Classic Hummus - Traditional recipe with chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and garlic.

2: Roasted Red Pepper - Smoky flavor with roasted peppers blended in.

3: Avocado Hummus - Creamy and vibrant twist with avocado and lime.

4: Spicy Sriracha - Kick up the heat with spicy sriracha sauce.

5: Beetroot Hummus - Earthy and colorful variation made with beets.

6: Herbed Hummus - Fresh and aromatic with herbs like parsley and dill.

7: Olive Tapenade - Salty and briny flavor with olives and capers.

8: Sundried Tomato - Sweet and tangy with sundried tomatoes mixed in.

9: Pesto Hummus - Pesto adds a zesty and herbaceous kick to classic hummus.

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