1: 1. Myth: Flax seeds are high in calories. Fact: Flax seeds are actually low in calories and can aid in weight management.

2: 2. Myth: Flax seeds can cause hormonal disruptions. Fact: Flax seeds are safe for consumption and do not affect hormones negatively.

3: 3. Myth: Flax seeds are not easily digestible. Fact: Flax seeds are highly digestible and can improve gut health.

4: 4. Myth: Flax seeds are only good for women. Fact: Flax seeds benefit both men and women with their high nutrient content.

5: 5. Myth: Flax seeds are expensive. Fact: Flax seeds are affordable and offer great value for their health benefits.

6: 6. Myth: Flax seeds are tasteless. Fact: Flax seeds have a nutty flavor and can enhance the taste of dishes.

7: 7. Myth: Flax seeds need to be ground to reap benefits. Fact: Whole flax seeds are also nutritious and provide fiber for digestion.

8: 8. Myth: Flax seeds are a superfood cure-all. Fact: While healthy, flax seeds are not a replacement for a balanced diet.

9: 9. Myth: Flax seeds are difficult to incorporate into meals. Fact: Flax seeds can easily be added to smoothies, salads, and baked goods.

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