1: Meet Jane Goodall, whose work with primates has inspired conservation efforts worldwide.

2: Greta Thunberg's climate strikes have mobilized a generation to take action on climate change.

3: Wangari Maathai planted millions of trees in Kenya, earning her the Nobel Peace Prize.

4: Vanessa Nakate campaigns for climate justice in Uganda, raising awareness on a global stage.

5: Chico Mendes fought to protect the Amazon rainforest and the rights of indigenous peoples.

6: Daryl Hannah uses her platform to advocate for sustainable living and renewable energy.

7: Marina Silva, a former Amazonian activist, has worked to protect Brazil's natural resources.

8: Isatou Ceesay empowers women in Gambia to combat plastic pollution through recycling initiatives.

9: Tim DeChristopher disrupted a controversial oil and gas auction to protest environmental destruction.

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